Eberron is Intrigue and Mystery

The world of Eberron is ravaged by centuries of war that have only recently ended. Enemy nations that fought each other to a standstill over countless, bloody battlefields now turn to subtler methods of conflict. The assassin’s dagger replaces the warrior’s sword, and the conspirator’s whisper speaks more loudly than the general’s bellow.

While nations scheme and merchants bicker, priceless secrets from the past lie buried and lost in the devastation, waiting to be tracked down by intrepid scholars and rediscovered by audacious adventurers.

Eberron is Ancient, Widespread Magic

Magic pervades the world of Eberron. It creates wonders of engineering and architecture that rival the boldest dreamscapes. Magic transforms life into bizarre shapes and creates artifacts in intricate patterns for purposes that are lost in time.

It also leaves its mark — the coveted Dragonmark — on members of a gifted aristocracy. Some use their gifts to rule wisely and well, but too many rule with ruthless greed, seeking only to expand their own dominance.

Eberron is Swashbuckling Adventure

The heroes of Eberron are bold champions. Cinematic action and dark legends fill their quests with danger and excitement while careening from one heart-pounding thrill to the next. Eberron is no place for the meek or hesitant. Courage, strength, and quick thinking are needed to survive and prosper in this land of peril and high adventure.

Eberron is Attitude

The heroes of Eberron come in every size and shape. They are set apart by boldness and a drive to succeed. Power in Eberron comes in many forms beyond swords and spells. Money and influence are as mighty as armies. In a world teetering on an upturned blade separating war and peace, anyone can become great, but only if they possesses the strength and courage to walk the knife’s edge.


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