stoic Kalashtar psion


Raised in the cloistered Kalashtar psionic tradition of devotion and study. Lucid grew tired of the practised life of the Kalashtar temples and sought a better way to expand upon his growing psionics. In a move that was deemed reckless, he found his way into more devious circles as an intelligence gatherer. With his psionic talents, certain circles founds his abilities very useful for plundering the minds of targets or persuading those of lesser will. After a turn of events that left Lucid missing two fingers he refocused solely on seeking the perfection of his mind and spirit.

The hive mind of the the temple and uniformity of its doctrines are stifling. Does chaos of a wandering mid opens it for expansion? The secrets to psychic domination is the unchained unconsciousness. But without control how can one employ these talents. The more reigned in a mind the less powerful it becomes, but the more that’s given in to the these entropic tides the more disconnected it becomes. How much of your id and ego can you sacrifice yet remain sane and grounded.

Sharn seemed like the next logical step, and a way to get a new start. Distanced from his homeland, now he is free to delve into his own studies and contact whatever forces he desires. His motivation to his knowledge, is not darkly motivated, but more selfishly. In Sharn he operates a small magic shop, selling trinkets and identifying items. This shop serves as a front. Various figures come and go and thoughts and secrets are traded. Your relations run thin as your abnormal behaviours and rituals seem to distance yourself. Someday’s you seem in control yet loath your weakness, others you slip into a dream and wake up wanting. Days pass and weeks fade, yet your mind hungers. The blurred line of reality is constantly a battle and a crutch. Is ultimate psionic dominance pure metal madness?


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