The following is a timeline of important events the characters now about and/or participated in.

Age Of Dragons

??? YK According to myth, there were once three great dragons that traversed the cosmos. These were the first dragons: Khyber, Siberys, and Eberron. They were the most powerful of all dragons.
They lived in harmony until one day, Khyber discovered a glowing hot ball, the Elemental Chaos. He wanted it for himself, and hated that the others might take it. This was the first instance of draconic hoarding.
Lying there, wrapped around the World, Khyber discovered the mysterious Prophecy. The evil Khyber fought the others to seize control of the Prophecy. Noble Siberys was torn to pieces and became the Dragon Above, a ring of glowing shards that circles the World.
Horrified by this act of brutality, Eberron wrapped herself around Khyber and bound him in her coils. Khyber became the Dragon Below, a monster-filled maze of caves that fills the planet.
The last of the good dragons became the surface of the world. In her slumber, she gave birth to all natural things. She is Eberron, the Dragon Between.

Age Of Demons

-10,000,000 YK Born of Khyber’s hate and fueled by his greed, fiends erupted from the Dragon Below. It is said they covered the face of Eberron for eons, until the lesser dragons gathered together and beat them back.

Age of Giants

-80,000 YK The giants rise from the ruins of the dragon-fiend wars to establish vast and powerful civilizations on the continent of Xen’drik.

Age of Monsters

-38,000 YK The giants return to primitive monsters living in the ruins of their shattered civilization as the dragons return to their secluded continent and the elves settle Aerenal. On Khorvaire, the first of the goblin kingdoms rises in the area that will become Breland and Darguun.

- 16,000 YK The Dhakaani unite the goblin nations to create the greatest empire the goblinkind has ever known.

- 15,000 YK Founding of Ja’shaarat. the first settlement at the site of modern Sharn.

-9,000 YK The Daelkyr War decimates the western reaches of Khorvaire. Ja’shaarat becomes the desolate ruins of Duur’shaarat.

-5,000 YK Weakened by the Daelkyr War, the Dhakaani Empire is shattered by infighting and civil strife, eventually leading to the collapse of the goblin civilization.

Current Age

-3,200 YK The Mark of Hospitality appears among halflings of the Talenta Plains. The Mark of Shadow and the Mark of Death appear among the elves of Aerenal.

-3,000 YK Lhazaar leads humans from Sarlona to the eastern shores of Khorvaire. The Mark of
Healing appears among halflings of the Talenta Plains, Malleon the Reaver establishes the fortress-city of Sharaat.


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