House Cannith


House Cannith is a human dragonmarked house based in Cyre. The artificers and magewrights of House Cannith are responsible for most of the magical innovations of the past millennia. House Cannith made a profit from the Last War by selling arms and warforged soldiers.

House Cannith possesses the Mark of Making. This mark grants various magical benefits that allow its bearers to make various items, giving Cannith a advantage in the manufacturing arena.

House Cannith runs the Tinkers Guild and the Fabricators Guild. The Tinkers Guild specializes in maintenance of vehicles and structures, maintaining urban infrastructure, and similar crafts. The Fabricators Guild is divided into dozens of specialties, including architects, elemental binders, alchemists, and armorers who perform many of the wondrous crafts for which House Cannith is especially famous.

House Cannith

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